Food Handling Allergy Free Gloves

Stretch-2-Fit gives the Food Industry its first ever truly 100% Food Safe glove.

It has been tested to EU 1186-1 and passes all four simulant tests whereas Vinyl gloves cannot do this.

It is also the World’s first truly hypoallergenic glove as there are no residual chemicals and no powder, which is the biggest cause of skin irritation to the user. It has also been approved by the NHS to EN455, parts 1 2 3 &4.
The design allows a better fit as it stretches to the finger ends, giving more feel and dexterity. There is no cuff collapse allowing air to circulate to the palm giving less hand sweat. If used in cold temperatures it won’t become brittle, like Vinyl.
This glove will enhance the user’s ability to work more comfortably and efficiently without compromise, giving peace of mind in the workplace and cost savings to the industry which will help British business.
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