stretch-2-fit gloves

Stretch-2-Fit™ gloves are a revolutionary new material with
production methods that eliminates all the nasty chemicals that
cause 90% of allergic reactions. Stretch-2-Fit™ is EN Certified by
the NHS’s own test Laboratories.

The worlds first TRULY hypoallergenic gloves

A revolution in gloves

Absolutely NO allergic reaction

Total improvement

Better fit, less hand sweat & fatigue

Manufacturing marvel

ZERO residual chemicals

Meet targets with ease

Environmentally friendly manufacture
Medical gloves...

Stretch-2-Fit™ medical gloves are manufactured from a revolutionary new material that not only make allergic reactions a thing of the past, it also offers unrivalled near skin feel vital for many medical practices. Stretch-2-Fit™ is also EN Certified by the NHS’s own test Laboratories.

Food safe gloves...

Stretch-2-Fit’s™ are food safe gloves with zero allergic reaction. This means workers can keep their barrier protection on longer before feeling the need to change. This dramatically reduces the risk of hand contamination while making staff more productive & comfortable.