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As the first importer into the UK of the original modern Soft Vinyl’s from Taiwan in 1984, Ian Johnson realised in 1990 that a totally new generation of gloves was needed.

His biggest concern was the increase of people suffering from Allergies, followed in 2002 a few years later by the EU Plastics in Contact with Food Directive EN1186:2002

Vinyl, Nitrile & Latex gloves all cause people to develop allergenic reactions against the gloves through prolonged wearing, sooner or later most people will succumb to the Reagent Chemicals used to Set the gloves during the dipping process.

Vinyl gloves worn in England FAIL Directive EN1186 the only country from our knowledge prepared to pay the nearly double cost is Japan. All UK businesses believe that they are doing the Right Thing, are unfortunately mislead by Technical wordsmiths.

That is two massive problems, or opportunities as Ian saw it, to date a “blind eye” has been turned to these problems because there has never been an answer, 22 years later Ian has the answer to both issues.

In October 08 Ian was sent a sample of a new material by a long-time friend, instantly he saw the potential for a new type of glove, discussions commenced and gloves manufactured.

April 09 the NHS own Test Labs passed the gloves to EN455 Perforation, since then every time they have had 100% pass rate. This outperforms all other disposable gloves in the area of Perforations.

Early 2010 saw the UK’s biggest Nursing Home group put the gloves on trial, this helped with the gloves development and they now use the glove day to day.

The glove was not yet perfected, then in late 2010 a revolutionary new way of Casting the material was invented, this was the second big break and lead to the glove being nearly perfected

March 2012 the NHS Labs passed the gloves to EN455 Tensile.

We understood from the outset that the materials would allow the gloves to pass the Plastics in contact with Food Directive, which it does on all 4 Test Chemicals.

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