Hand Allergy Causes

When we think of Allergies, we mainly think Latex, unfortunately Latex gloves can have a devastating effect on a tiny amount of people, to the extent of being life threatening.

However the fact is that many, many people suffer a variety of problems caused by the wearing of disposable gloves that has nothing to do with Latex Proteins.

This generally breaks down into 2 groups, those that have Eczema problems before wearing gloves and those without, in both cases Donning a glove triggers of a reaction by the persons skin to the Reagent Chemicals used to Set the gloves during the Dip Moulding manufacturing process.

Add in powdered gloves and the problems get worse, confining the hands with no air causes the hands to sweat, the pores to open and the Medical Grade Corn Starch used to lubricate the glove gets into the pores and creates irritation as the skin tries to eject the intruder.

What are Reagent Chemicals

All disposable Latex, Vinyl, Nitrile gloves and the various combinations on these materials are manufactured by a process known as Dip Moulding.

This involves Ceramic Moulds in the shape of hands being dipped into a chemical concoction consisting mainly of the main component of the glove being produced, unfortunately the Latex, Vinyl or Nitrile mixture does not adhere to the smooth Ceramic formers.

To make this happen, before being dipped in the Raw Materials Tank, the formers are dipped into a Coagulant tank which coats the formers in a chemical cocktail that then allows the raw materials to adhere and the formers to proceed down the line.

It is these chemicals used in the Coagulate Dip that can come into contact with a persons skin causing irritation. Unfortuinately the vast majority of gloves are not cleaned after production so often these Coagulant chemicals remains on the glove after manufacture.

Added to this some of the chemicals used in the Raw Materials mix can over a period of time, migrate to the surface of the gloves and come into contact with the skin.